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7 Ways This Hypnotherapy School is Different From the Others

1) Accelerated training format.

Hypnotherapy requires the skillful use of healing semantics. In essence, it’s like learning a new language, and we all know the most efficient way to do that is by immersion training, also known as “accelerated training format.” For this reason, we provide up to 500 hours of in-depth hypnotherapy training. In our three decades of teaching hypnotherapy for professional certification, we have learned that the best and only way for graduates to become fluent in healing semantics, and to leave with greater skills proficiency and confidence, is through our live training participation.

2) Learn more in less time.

Research shows that the adult learning system that we utilize helps students retain from 50% to 80% more information. You receive state-of-the-art hypnotherapy training materials, including our 1000-page training manual which was designed using the Information Mapping™  methodology. This means you will learn the technical information with less effort. It is packed with all the step-by-step hypnotherapy protocols, and word-for-word hypnosis procedures to address clients’ issues.

3) Time-tested and finely tuned curriculum.

We are celebrating our 34th year as a state-recognized/licensed hypnotherapy training. (Originally named Southwest College of Hypnosis.)   During this time we have honed the curriculum to provide you with everything you need to know to start your hypnotherapy practice and help people in a profound way. So far, we have alumni from 35 countries and all 50 U.S. states.

4) Live training with experienced practitioners.

Our live hypnotherapy certification training provides you with valuable one-on-one support from our professional coaching staff. This is especially important during clinical skills development periods. Our experiential style (you get to participate in skill-building activities) provides you with time to develop confidence with the techniques.

5) Your self-healing.

Because we teach from the experiential model, you have the added benefit of experiencing the healing and transformational methods firsthand. Graduates leave feeling renewed, and many tell us the supervised practice sessions alone were worth the price of admission.

6) Methodology scientifically validated as effective.

The Academy has the unique distinction of being the only hypnotherapy school, in the current era, to provide its methodology for National Institutes of Health funded research.  Because of the success of a clinical trial using the Hypnotherapy Academy of America methodology, the NIH, in conjunction with the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH,) funded a four-year, three-million-dollar study utilizing the Academy’s methodology. By training at the Academy, you can rest assured that you are receiving instruction in a hypnotherapy system that is validated by the scientific peer-review process.  (For more details, click on the Research tab above.)

7) We show you marketing, promotion, and business-building techniques.

Hypnotherapy course tuition fees vary widely, as does the content of hypnotherapy training. Most courses teach you little to nothing about the business side of becoming a successful hypnotherapist. In contrast, we understand that if you are not a success, the school is not a success. Therefore, we teach you robust, proven marketing strategies and practice-building techniques.

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Hypnotherapy Goes Mainstream

It seems like every day a new study proving the efficacy of hypnotherapy appears in the media. Hospitals, medical clinics and urgent care facilities are bringing medical hypnosis to their patients. Both masters and doctoral level counselors, psychologists and social workers and learning hypnosis to assist their clients. Lay people getting off the conventional corporate career track are becoming hypnotherapists because they want to make a difference in the world. Hypnotherapy has come a long way in the last thirty years.

The demand for competent clinical hypnotherapists who have a broad base of knowledge and effective practical skills is growing by the day. Just recently a local physician called the school to arrange medical hypnosis sessions for a patient who has non-organic chronic headaches.

To assist in taking hypnotherapy into this new era of acceptance by the mainstream, hypnotherapy schools must increase their contact hours with students, improve the quality of their curriculum and update their teaching methods. Sure, in the 1980’s and 90’s a course with 150 or 200 hours of hypnotism training and the outdated “just watch me and learn” style seemed like enough. But in the 21st century, with billions of dollars being spent annually on complementary therapies and alternative medicine by intelligent, well-informed consumers, a hypnotherapist lacking in-depth training just won’t cut it. What’s even worse are the hypnotism diploma mills claiming that distance learning or correspondence courses can prepare a person as a professional in the people-helping field.

The hypnotherapist most likely to meet the demands of this evolving climate is the one with the best education. Hypnotherapists skilled in advanced techniques simply help people reach goals quicker, solve problems with more ease and achieve greater degrees of personal growth by empowering them with self-help methodology. This saves the consumer money, time and effort while on the path to wellbeing.

Because we are committed to your future success as a hypnotherapist, and with hypnotherapy being one of the primary tools for helping people heal emotional and physical issues, we designed our hypnotherapy training course to present you with:

  • ample theoretical background
  • an actual training manual (1000+ pages) developed by master’s level educational designers
  • live demonstration of the hypnotherapy methods
  • live video case histories of extraordinary sessions
  • hands-on practice with individual performance-based coaching
  • dynamic classroom lectures and feedback sessions.

Integral Hypnotherapy™ Is the System Developed by Our Lead Instructor, Tim Simmerman Sierra

Our copyright protected, Integral Hypnotherapy™ methodology was used in the largest US scientifically validated peer-reviewed study of hypnotherapy and was funded by the National Institutes of Health. HAA is only provider of training in the Integral Hypnotherapy methodology used in the NIH funded research. 

The Hypnotherapy Academy of America focuses on in-depth instruction in the most effective hypnotherapy methods, which we call “Integral Hypnotherapy™.” Integral Hypnotherapy™ is the complete hypnotherapy system. It integrates classical hypnotherapy with modern techniques. It also integrates perennial wisdom traditions, philosophical counseling, life skills coaching and applied mind sciences.  This is why we are rapidly becoming the most sought-after 500 hour professional hypnotherapy certification program in the world.

Most other schools provide very limited training– just 100 to 200 hours. Those students may receive only a few hypnosis induction methods, a few therapeutic techniques and a handful of pre-structured static scripts to read. This means the student will have to piece meal their education in hypnotherapy together by going to other trainings.

If you have been searching the web you’ve probably run across many so-called “hypnosis schools” with impressive-sounding names, that are only ten to fifteen days in length or are just downloading videos for you watch.  Some only offer “blended” training with “massed” practice sessions on a weekend every so often. And, none of the others school’s hypnotherapy methodology have been utilized in a varying multi-session NIH funded study.

On the other hand, at HAA we provide you with training in the scientifically validated hypnotherapy methodology known as Integral Hypnotherapy, and distributed practice consistently throughout each week of your training. This means that three to four days a week you have skill building activities and practice different hypnotherapy methods. Simply put, learning by doing is best. HAA provides 500 hours of instruction in our live, comprehensive hypnotherapy training. And, because we teach you how to heal the underlying subconscious issues, you receive supervised practice with a practical skills coach to student ratio of 1 to 5. These are just a few of the differences between HAA and the others.

It goes without saying, but since there is no standardized curricula among hypnotherapy training providers, it is a “buyer beware” situation. So do your research before investing your time and money.

Hypnotherapy Defined

Experts agree that hypnosis is simply a natural state of mind where communication with the subconscious mind is facilitated. Hypnotherapy is the application of universally accepted self-discovery techniques and self-empowerment methods (utilized during hypnosis) that free you of fear-based programming and assumed limitations. This provides for an ongoing experience of your natural state of health, joy, abundance and love.

Hypnotherapy Academy of America (HAA) is one of the oldest licensed Hypnotherapy Training Institutions in America. Since 1988 we been providing in-depth instruction in hypnotherapy. Previous training in hypnotherapy or college credits is NOT required for you to attend our hypnotherapy school. With our 500 hour hypnotherapy certification course you will be able to immediately start helping people heal, solve problems, resolve conflicts and reach goals as one of the most highly trained practitioners in the entire field of hypnotherapy.

At the HAA you learn the most important specialty applications. For example, you will receive instruction in smoking cessation, weight loss, ending anxiety and stress relief and habit control. While hypnotherapy is never intended to replace medical or psychiatric treatment, it has proven to be an important complementary therapy. You will learn protocols for accelerated healing, strategies for reducing acute and chronic pain, surgery preparation, as well as hypnotherapy for dentistry and childbirth.

And that’s not all. Once you have the tools of transformation, we will also provide you with effective marketing, promotion and practice building strategies. We want to put you on the track to quickly recuperating your tuition investment and creating a life-long pattern of increasing prosperity by making a difference in the world.

By successfully completing Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Modules 1, 2 & 3, (that’s 300 hours of training,) you are eligible for the professional title of “Clinical Hypnotherapist.”  Certification as a “Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist” requires a total of 400 hours of training. By successfully completing the Accelerated Healing & Pain Control module, you are eligible for the professional designation of “Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist.”


Technical Standards for Admission Into Hypnotherapy Academy of America 

The hypnotherapy curriculum requires demonstrated proficiency in a variety of cognitive, communicative, and interpersonal skills. To achieve these proficiencies HAA requires that each student be able to meet the following Technical Standards:


Through independent observation, the student must be able to acquire information on the practice of hypnotherapy, including that obtained from demonstrations, case histories, and experiential activities. The student must be able to observe and accurately acquire information directly form the client as well as from other sources including written documents, images, slides, videos, and computers. These skills require the use of vision and hearing.


The student must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with hypnotherapy clients, healthcare personnel, classmates, colleagues, faculty, and administrative staff. The student must be able to obtain the client’s history, and the issue or goal that the client wishes to address in a timely fashion, interpret nonverbal aspects of communication, and establish the therapeutic relationship with a client. Students must be able to write and type information accurately and clearly, and communicate effectively and efficiently in English.

Motor Coordination: 

The student must be able to provide hypnotherapy sessions. These activities require some physical mobility, coordination of both gross and fine motor neuromuscular function, balance, and equilibrium.


The student must be able to identify and understand the client’s goals, utilize the appropriate hypnotherapy techniques, design and utilize therapeutic suggestions and imagery in a timely and effective manner. This crucial skill set of hypnotherapists requires the ability to work effectively with people of all backgrounds. The ability to learn and reason in a variety of settings including formal lectures, small group discussion, clinical teaching sessions, case presentations, and independent learning activities, to self-evaluate, and to integrate, analyze, and synthesize.

Behavioral and Social Attributes: 

The student must possess emotional health. The student must demonstrate self-discipline for full use of their intellectual abilities, the exercise of good judgement, the ability to get along well with people from different backgrounds, classmates, colleagues, faculty and administrative staff, and the timely and safe completion of all tasks and responsibilities. They must be able to adapt to rapid change, to display flexibility, and learn to function in the clinical and educational settings. The student must consistently demonstrate honesty, integrity, altruism, empathy and concern for their clients, classmates, colleagues, faculty, administrative staff and members of their healthcare team, and the community at large.

For more information please feel free to call the Academy’s admissions team for more details. Phone 505-767-8030.

Education Expert Grades the Academy

“A+ is the letter grade I give Tim Simmerman-Sierra for the instructional quality at Hypnotherapy Academy of America. The course construction, instructional materials and delivery methods are top drawer! Learning is gradual and steady, like walking up a ramp rather than lurching big steps. This is THE place to receive quality hypnotherapy instruction.”
Anthony Moon, PhD, CHt
(Educational Technology University of Oklahoma, 1995)
Arcadia, OK

Listen to Academy Director, Tim Simmerman Sierra being interviewed by Transitions Radio Magazine, December 2008

Tim Simmerman-Sierra Hypnosis Instructor

Tim Simmerman-Sierra

What a 40-Year Education Veteran and Program Manager with the NM Office of Children Youth & Families Department, Office of Child Development has to say:

“Tim Simmerman-Sierra of the Hypnotherapy Academy of America provides a superior model of the principles of adult learning in action.  He skillfully sets positive expectations and clear guidelines for classroom procedures, homework and coached practice sessions.

“Technology is used in appropriate ways to bring in outside speakers and to permit efficient submission of written practicum exercises.  Student engagement is kept high by alternating sessions of lecture, guided practice, small group and individual work.

“Well- trained coaches with small groups to provide timely feedback and suggestions to improve written and spoken practice exercises.  Questions are encouraged and content is delivered with clear expectations of the practical application in real world situations. Humor and stories that illustrate important points are liberally sprinkled throughout presentations.

“Other staff members of the Academy and students themselves are actively involved with contributions from their specialized fields of knowledge.  Music, dramatizations, adequate breaks that permit informal sharing combines to keep energy levels and focus high during daylong training.

“Written Materials are organized to provide content, practicum exercises, questions and answers for review, and sample protocols for examples.  Materials are well annotated and references provided that synthesize knowledge from a broad range of disciplines from Quantum Physics, cutting edge medical knowledge and wisdom traditions from around the world.  The essential underlying unity of complex material is presented and experienced in ways that are accessible and transferable to anyone interested in personal growth for self and others.

“Each student of this Master Educator will receive the personalized yet universal lessons needed to make positive changes for self and others.  Come with a beginner’s mind and be prepared for both personal and career transformation.”

Judith Paiz, MA, MBA
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Learn the Medical Support Hypnosis Methods Hospitals Want

By completing through weeks 7 and 8, (400 hours of hypnotherapy training) you will receive specialized training in medical support hypnotherapy. While all of our graduates use these methods in their private practice, some are working in hospitals. One such practitioner recently reported the following:

“Recently, I was called to the hospital, to work on an inpatient basis, with a pregnant woman, who was experiencing extreme nausea/morning sickness to the point of dry heaves (hyperemesis gravidarum).

“Her physician had prescribed every anti-nausea and additional pain killing drug available, to no avail. The patient’s physician is a renowned surgeon, who was somewhat skeptical about medical hypnosis.

“Using one of Tim Simmerman Sierra’s pain control methods, I was able to assist the patient to ameliorate her pain significantly. (On a scale of 0 to 10, 10 being worst possible—she reported going from a 10 down to a 2 in severity).

“When the patient came out of hypnosis, she said she was ‘surprised how well she felt.’

“I learned later that the skeptical surgeon had reported, ‘hypnosis worked far more effectively than any drug she had prescribed, to provide reliable pain relief for her patient.’

“We’re changing even the ‘old school’ doctors’ thinking!”
Alena Guest, FIBH
Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Medical Support Hypnotherapy
Mendocino, CA

Winter 2008 Hypnotherapy Training Class

Winter 2008 Hypnosis Certification Class & Staff

Post-Graduation Teleconference Support

There is a bi-monthly teleconference to provide on-going support for graduates.

During Our Hypnotherapy Training
You Will Learn . . .

  • Analytical & Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
  • Pain Management Methods
  • Modified Gestalt Dialogs
  • Dream Analysis
  • Processing Sensitizing Events
  • Stop Smoking Program
  • Weight Control Program
  • Stress & Anxiety Reduction
  • Surgery Preparation
  • Childbirth Preparation
  • Shamanistic Techniques
  • Guided Imagery
  • Mental Simulation
  • Working with Emotions
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques
  • Emotional Clearing
  • Breath Work and Processing Emotions
  • Intuitive Guidance
  • Parts Therapy
  • Ericksonian Techniques
  • Modified Transactional Analysis
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Suggestion Therapy
  • Psychoneuro-physiology
  • Past-Life Regression
  • Interlife Exploration
  • Natal Regression Therapy
  • Methods to build a successful practice
  • How to conduct Group Seminars
  • Behavior modification
  • Ending addictions
  • Accelerated healing methods
  • And more…

Become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Join The People Helping profession
– and Earn between $100-$250 per session!

Hypnosis Training Client Hypnotized

Learn techniques for children as well

The World’s Most Advanced Teaching Methods

Because everyone learns differently, we utilize lecture, classroom discussions and feedback sessions, live demonstrations and multimedia educational systems. Live demonstrations of hypnotherapy methods are often filmed for post session analysis. Students then have an opportunity to deeply study how to process what emerges during therapy while watching a play back. Films are carefully examined so each step is clearly understood and all questions can be answered without interrupting the flow of the session during live demonstration.

The Wall Street Journal recently predicted that hypnotherapy will be one of the top career choices for the new millennium. Now you can become part of this expanding field, helping others — and yourself — as you build a stable, successful professional practice.

The professional certification course at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America is one of the most comprehensive and extensive courses available. As part of our course, you will go through a carefully planned curriculum during which you will personally experience the techniques we teach.

As a result, the door to your subconscious will open, helping you to tap into the endless flow of mind power. You will be able to move to your next level while you learn how to do this for others.

Feedback on Post-Graduation Support

“The Hypnotherapy Academy of America has been tremendously supportive of my practice since I’ve graduated. Every time I’ve talked with a coach about complex situations they have been very informative. I feel more confident knowing that the Academy’s ready and willing expert postgraduation support is as close as a phone call!”

Candace M. Gates, CHt, M.Ed., teacher, author
Tucson, Arizona

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