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Medical Hypnosis Training – Confidence Building Practicum

Live Demonstrations of the Academy’s Hypnotic Pain Control Methods

This page shows amazing graphic photos of hypnotherapy students applying clinical hypnosis pain control methods. During the 7th and 8th week of the training we teach various medical hypnosis methods including pain erasure. These photos and student comments are from that section of the course. Participation in the needle exercise is totally voluntary.

If you are not comfortable with seeing photos of needles click here.

Of the 34 students taking the Accelerated Healing and Pain Control module for their Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapy certification, 16 volunteered to have Dr. Robert Sapien insert a needle through the top of their hand after their classmate induced trance and employed the pain control methods.

Learn Medical Hypnosis Pain ManagementLearn Pain Management Hypnosis
Learn Hypnosis for Medical Pain Management

Staff hypnotherapy coach and licensed physician, Dr. Robert Sapien, did all the needle insertion work.

“I have had a fear of needles because of past experiences when it was nearly impossible to have my blood drawn or have IV’s successfully inserted. I could not even watch someone else give blood or get an injection. While in hypnosis I was able to numb my hand with the power of my own mind and did not feel any pain or discomfort. I did not feel the needle removed nor did I bleed from the pierced skin. I am now calm about procedures involving needles. My confidence in my own ability to control pain has changed my life. I am also confident I can help others in controlling pain using the power of their own minds as well. “
-Joy Johnson, Utah

Prior to taking this course, some of the students who participated had fears and even phobic responses to needles and the sight of blood. During our training they healed those fears and then went so far as to volunteer to participate in this exercise. This deepened their personal confidence in their mind power and afterward they all agreed they could better help future clients in need of medical hypnosis.

Learn Medical Pain Management HypnotherapyMedical Hypnosis Pain Management Training
Pain Management Hypnosis TrainingMedical Hypnosis to Numb Pain

During this pain control session Nate is induced into hypnosis by his fellow student Dennis Plummer. Dennis guides Nate through a process of numbing his hand to create hypnotic pain control. Nate is then ready for Dr. Sapien to insert a needle through the top of his hand. Dr. Sapien lifts the needle without Nate feeling any pain. Nate is then instructed to open his eyes to see the needle through his hand.

“The experience with the needle made me realize that pain is a choice and one that I never have to make again.”
-Nate Daly, New York

Medical Hypnotherapy Pain ManagementLearn Medical Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy for Medical Pain Management

It is common for the client to feel happy and sometimes even smile when using medical hypnosis techniques. Their happiness is the realization that they are consciously in charge of their body’s sensations

“I got in touch with the true power of my mind today, as the doctor put a needle through the skin of my hand without me feeling any pain. I realize that I have total control over my bodily sensations, and from now on I can choose never to feel pain again.”
-Bea Solya, Florida

Medical Hypnosis for Pain ManagementNumbing Hand Using Medical Hypnosis Techniques
No Pain During Needle Stick

Here in the second photo we see Dr. Sapien coaching Bea on how to help Leonard have a deeper experience of the hypnotic pain control and medical relaxation.

“I have been afraid of needles since childhood. After hypnosis I learned that I don’t have to feel pain or be afraid anymore.”
-Leonardo Aguirre, Albuquerque

Medical Hypnotherapy Pain Management TechniquesUsing Hypnosis to Erase Pain

In the first photo we see student Kent Tompkins has hypnotized Nikki and she is ready for Dr. Sapien to insert the needle.

“Before doing the needle test, I wasn’t so sure about getting complete pain control using only the power of my mind. I was amazed and completely tickled to find that I achieved total pain control. This experience also gave me a new level of confidence in my ability to do anything with the power of my mind.”
-Nicole Rice, Ohio

Hypnotherapy Academy of America Student Using Medical Hypnosis for Pain ManagementMedical Hypnosis During Need Stick


After being hypnotized, the doctor pinched up the skin & flesh on the back of my right hand, then he inserted a fairly large size needle through it. I felt him touch me but I felt absolutely no pain and I did not bleed. I now know from personal experience that if I can control pain & bleeding, anyone can.”
-Carolyn Wilding


Robert Sapien Hypnotherapist TrainerRobert Sapien, MD, CMS-CHt is on staff as a practical skills coach and medical hypnosis specialist. He uses the techniques he learned here at the Academy during every shift in the UNM emergency room where he is Director of Emergency Pediatric Medicine. You won’t find this kind of confidence building at any other hypnotherapy school.

Learning Pain Management Hypnosis

“I FELT ZERO PAIN… I made my hand so numb with the hypnosis that I didn’t even feel the doctor put the needle in. I was happy that I could tap into the power of my subconscious and completely control my experience. This has been such an enormous boost to my self-esteem.”
-Michelle Keller, Colorado

“NO BLOOD! Amazing considering I’m a “bleeder.’ (I take an asprin a day) Not one drop of blood showed as the needle was removed. Best of all, absolutely NO PAIN!”
-Elmer Kraft, Montana

“Totally relaxed and NO PAIN.”
-Jeff Albrecht, Breckenridge, CO

“I am an RN who starts IV’s on a daily basis and there is always some blood. I saw the power of hypnosis demonstrated over and over. As the needle was removed, there was only a drop of blood or NO blood in a lot of cases.”
-Kathryn Britain, Texas

“As someone who regularly gives blood, I know from experience that my blood flows easily & fully. Thus I was extremely pleased that with hypnosis I could stop my own bleeding. I did not even need a bandage afterwards.”
-Dennis Plummer, New Mexico

“My hand was very comfortable when the needle was inserted. I visualized closing the “faucet” to the local blood vessels. The needle was removed with no bleeding at the site.”
-Helen Hess, Arizona

Participation was voluntary.