Post Graduation Support

Post Graduation Support

Bi-Monthly Teleconference for International Board of Hypnotherapy Members


To create an on-going community of support for members of The International Board of Hypnotherapy (IBH), Robert Sapien, MD, Tim Simmerman Sierra, Angela Simmerman Sierra, and other guest speakers hold a 60- to 75-minute teleconference, on the 3rd Wednesday of every other month.

As a member of IBH, you will automatically be sent the passcode to join in!

When questions come up about what to do in certain situations with clients, these teleconferences are an excellent way to access Tim, Angela and Dr. Robert’s expertise. Robert will go over different body systems, and we always allow time for open questions.

For example, in past teleconferences, Tim and Robert have given tips on refreshing your prosperity consciousness. Following the teleconference, the prospering affirmations that Tim read to everyone were emailed to all IBH members. Last year, one of the topics was “Miracle Minded.”  Participants enthusiastically reported back to us that they experienced it as both refreshing and inspiring.

Tim has also covered “Accelerated Learning and Test Taking: Three-Hour Class Outline.”

Another time, Academy graduate David Watson in Japan, (whose background is business consulting) shared information for creating the best foundation for the business side of your hypnotherapy practice.

We have also discussed important information about Scope of Practice, i.e., which clients are appropriate for you to work with, and when it is appropriate to refer them to a licensed mental health worker. This is important information for every graduate. (See Scope of Practice Protocols on the side bar of this website.)

Whenever possible, email your questions ahead of time regarding current clients, special applications, or readiness for future clients, or call in for help uncovering elusive underlying client issues.
It’s always a lively discussion of both rare and common case histories with case-specific guidance from those with experience.  Not only do you hear Tim’s, Angela’s, and Robert’s perspective, but you also receive invaluable advice from other members who are part of the tele-community.

Ask us what to look out for, what “red flags” to listen for, and how to expedite the client’s transformation. There is no question too small or inconsequential to be addressed. If you are wondering about it, someone else has the same question.

Questions can be addressed on medical hypnotherapy issues, or anything from marketing to therapy techniques. If you have come across an odd situation or need information about a client who fails to progress, this is the time. Some of the most exciting case histories in the teleconferences come from those of you who step up with your questions. 

In the past we have discussed topics such as surgery, including pre-operative, intra-operative, post-operative and rehabilitation. We’ve discussed the nervous system, including strokes, seizures, MS, brain tumors and Parkinson’s disease. The central nervous system is part of the subconscious mind’s interface with the body. Because the mind is in every cell of the body, we also looked at the peripheral nervous system and the applicability of hypnotherapy in the rehabilitation process.

How to Recession-Proof Your Hypnotherapy Practice has been the topic a couple of times. Tim presented the principles that he used to grow his business by nearly 20% during the last recession. We are still hearing from participants that they were so inspired and energized by all the information, and it was just what they needed to see the next step in developing their practice.

Call the Academy (505-767-8030) to order the self-hypnosis and suggestion CD, Money with Mind Power for Hypnotherapists. Tim has read some of those suggestions on different teleconferences.

Please email any hypnotherapy questions and interesting cases to [email protected] at least a few days in advance of the teleconference. Then we will select cases to discuss during the teleconference.  During the teleconference, we want you to share with your colleagues what you have found useful as well. Yes, we will actually be encouraging a “cross share!”…This way we are creating a community of support for each other, and expanding the knowledge base exponentially.


Day: The third Wednesday of every other month. Please check the International Board of Hypnotherapy website to make sure of the date.

Time: 6 pm pacific, 7 pm mountain, 8 pm central, 9 pm eastern

Cost: This is a benefit of IBH Membership. There is no charge for current IBH members. The passcode will be sent to you automatically.

Application: You can download the IBH Application by clicking on the International Board of Hypnotherapy link at the top of this page.

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