mp3 – Reset Your Healing Intelligence – with Angela Simmerman-Sierra


MP3 Recording.

This imagery exercise is designed to help you get rid of fear, resentment, negative limiting beliefs that sicken you and hold you back from manifesting a healthy life.  Whether your challenge is small or large, your mind equally applies the principled in this metaphor to help you regain strength and vitality.

This program includes two (2) mp3’s:

Track 1:  Should be listened to during the day because it includes instructions to guide you out of the hypnotic state.

Track 2:  Should be listened to at night since it fades into soothing suggestions to help you sleep while your body rests and restores itself.

Do Not Listen to these hypnotic recordings while you are driving a vehicle or operating machinery.

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This metaphor is an effective resource if you are transforming either emotional, mental or physical challenges.  Children and adults can equally benefit from its use since it encourages the body to remove or get rid of what is no longer useful, opening space for greater and happier experiences.

You can use this visualization to help you create change from a simple physical or emotional discomfort to the most serious ones.

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