mp3 – The Tree Of Your Life – with Angela Simmerman-Sierra


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The Tree of Your Life is a metaphor designed to help you release fear, limitations, anger, resentment and negativity saved in your cellular memory in order to create emotional, mental and physical health.

Do Not Listen to this hypnotic recording while you are driving a vehicle or operating machinery.

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The tree of your life is an imagery exercise inspired by the similarities that humans and plants’ consciousness share.  It takes us through a journey in which we comprehend our interconnectedness with nature.

Wisely, during the steps of evolution, nature was created first in order to prepare an oxygenated atmosphere able to sustain other forms of life, like humans in this particular case.

According to scientific studies, we are an extension of nature and similar to it in feelings, immune, reproductive and respiratory systems, five senses, proteins, and many others.  Therefore, it is necessary to accept that we are one large community that works closely together depending on each other for survival.

This visualization can be used by both children and adults in need to regenerate their physical or emotional health.