Scope of Practice Protocols

Hypnotherapy Scope of Practice Protocols


This section of the website is for school operators and professional hypnotherapists.

Handouts from the Presentation “Scope of Practice Assessment Strategies”
American Council of Hypnotist Examiners 23rd Annual International Hypnotherapy Conference
Glendale, California, May 2008

Presented by:

Tim Simmerman-Sierra
Hypnotherapy Academy of America; Co-Director
International Board of Hypnotherapy; Director.

Because training in hypnotherapy varies widely, this Scope of Practice presentation is for discussion only and is intended for school operators, professional hypnotherapists and/or licensed mental health workers. Laws vary from state to state. Do not use any of this information without consulting your personal legal advisor. If you have not been trained in the use of GAF, you will need to obtain that training. These forms are examples for discussion and are provided courtesy of Tim Simmerman Sierra.

New Client Information & Participation Agreement (PDF 44k)

Scope of Practice Protocols (PDF 188k)

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