Testimonials from physicians, mental health practitioners, and PhDs

With the Use of Hypnotherapy, Patients are Given the Tools to Participate in Their Own Healing.

Medical support clinical hypnotherapy as an effective adjunctive and stand-alone treatment for the reduction or alleviation of pain and suffering in our patients.

As a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist with over 25 years of service, and a graduate of the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, I am very pleased to present the great benefits medical support clinical hypnotherapy has to offer the medical community.

Medical support clinical hypnotherapy is a safe and effective tool to achieve deep healing and rapid change in our patients. Directors Tim and Angela Simmerman-Sierra of the Hypnotherapy Academy of American (The Academy) Albuquerque, NM, have worked tirelessly to bring medical support clinical hypnotherapy (Hypnotherapy) to a level of excellence and effectiveness that does not exist at any other hypnotherapy program elsewhere in the country.  At this point, every state in the country and many foreign countries have graduates of The Academy who now practice this level of hypnotherapy in their hometowns.

On a personal note; as a board certified psychiatrist with 18 years spent as a faculty member of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  I’ve worn many hats, including administrator, teacher, researcher, and clinician.  Through the years, I’ve searched for effective, non-toxic clinical solutions to reverse suffering and impairment in my patients. After receiving over 400 hours of intense training at the Academy, I am convinced that compared to all of my many hours of training in other healing modalities, this is the most economical, time saving and effective healing modality that I have found.  Although still very much a follower of the medical model, I find that medical support clinical hypnotherapy is a wonderful adjunctive healing partner or stand-alone tool to improve the experience and healing patients.

In turning to recent events, the opioid epidemic is upon us with its unfortunate consequences in not only adults but adolescents. This epidemic teaches us that we can no longer continue giving addictive substances to our patients at the rate that we are dispensing them for pain relief. We need a better way to reduce the reliance on opioids. This is an adjunctive tool or stand-alone treatment for us to reduce or alleviate severe, unrelenting physical and mental pain and suffering. This method of treating pain using Hypnotherapy is derived from decades of clinical experience, distilled and revised over and over again until we have a tool that works.

As a stand-alone treatment, patients can benefit from the rapid resolution of, among other things, stress, grief, anger, smoking, performance anxiety, phobias, sensitizing events in early life, traumatic events, insomnia, migraines, and habits.  For example, when patients need treatment for anxiety or trauma, Hypnotherapy can help patients wean from meds faster and often not require medication again.  Those that still need medication often do not have to take as much.  It can often reduce the time needed in traditional talk therapy.

In more serious cases, hypnotherapy is adjunctive, improving the treatment outcome for severe traumas, cancer, addictions, cardiac disease, surgical procedures and many other conditions.

The cost of hypnotherapy in each institution for inpatient and or outpatient treatment would pay for itself.  Placing a patient at ease and having them mentally prepared for procedures reduces hospital time, by decreasing pain and bleeding, reducing the need for anesthesia, accelerated healing time which improves the chances that the patient will return to their productive activities sooner.  This reduces time away from work and family.  From a community health perspective, we would have a healthier and happier population.

There is also interesting work being done in clinics around the country to understand and reduce the impact of adverse childhood experiences(ACEs), both during critical periods of development and the cumulative effect of chronic stress. Hypnotherapy in pediatric clinics and in the emergency room can reduce the pain and trauma of suturing, needle sticks, IVs, pain from injury and reduction of anxiety in children who have been victimized.  Reducing the intensity of adverse effects early in life helps each individual to follow a healthier life trajectory reducing the chances of the development of major physical and mental health illnesses in adult life.

There are a few pioneering hospitals that have embraced this method by hiring medical support clinical hypnotherapists as part of their clinical staff.  In this age of cost saving and improved medical technologies to prolong and support a productive meaningful life, hypnotherapy is an enjoyable form of therapy for patients to take advantage of and for their physicians to embrace. It also improves a patient’s feeling of support from their physicians and rapport with the medical system.

There are not many promising technologies that decrease suffering, accelerate healing, reduce cost, improve overall cognitive and physical functioning and reduce the reliance on medications.  The hypnotherapy that is promoted is hypnotherapy practiced by highly trained individuals, with over 400 hours of training; are members of the International Board of Hypnotherapy and who maintain their credentials through regular continuing education, mentoring, lectures and attendance at Symposia.

In the future, medical support clinical hypnotherapy will change the way medicine is administered by it becoming a valuable part of every medical residency program and therefore a standard tool that physicians rely on, as they would any standard medical procedure and medication. Most importantly, we as physicians get to participate in a system where patients are given the tools to participate in their own healing. As more and more individuals embrace this belief, a belief that they can partner in healing themselves, it will become more and more a reality. By working with and helping one patient at a time, we can change the landscape of medical treatment from a place of pain, suffering, and anxiety, to a place of power, accelerated healing and peace of mind.

A way to integrate hypnotherapy in your system is to have your physicians, administrative personnel, medical social workers, nurses and other medical support workers who are part of your institution train at the Hypnotherapy Academy of American in Albuquerque, New Mexico and return back to your hospital to support patients. Trained medical support clinical hypnotherapists can be easily integrated into the treatment team specializing in certain areas such as pain relief, trauma reversal, coping with the anxiety of being a patient in the ICU, preparation for child birth, planned surgery, chemotherapy and anxiety associated with severe, catastrophic illnesses like cancer, etc.

Additionally, because “burn out” of medical personnel is on the rise, group and individual hypnotherapy can be used to decrease anxiety, improve sleep and resistance to work stress that could be helpful to decrease time away from work due to stress related illness. It can be used also as a preventative strategy to support your medical staff before “burn out” occurs.

If you have any questions about my experiences, please contact the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Thank you for considering medical support clinical hypnotherapy for your medical institution.

~Paula J. Lockhart, MD, FAPA, CMS-CHt, IBH
Albuquerque, NM


“I feel that much of the compassion I started with when I went into medicine had been crushed, but with this training and personal work I have done, my compassion grows each day!”

“I have a much deeper understanding of how we create the world we live in with our own minds, and how we experience the world is competing in our own choice.

“As all of this sinks in, it is all-natural to want to share what I have learned to help others do the same exploration. It fits in perfectly now with the professional changes that I am making in my own life.

“I feel I have a much clearer idea of where I am heading and where I want to go.

“Every module – I have come away with some major insight that has had a tremendous impact on my life and decisions that I am making. I feel that much of the compassion I started with when I went into medicine had been crushed, but with this training and personal work I have done, my compassion grows each day!

“I absolutely recommend this training and I am encouraging my younger brother to attend the Academy. I ‘talk’ it up wherever I go. I truly believe this is the most comprehensive and integrated Hypnotherapy school in the world.”

~ Loretta Ortiz y Pino, MD, CMS-CHt 
   Taos, NM


“Miracles do happen, I have experienced them on a regular basis since coming here at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America. I have experienced deep personal transformation and growth through both professional sessions with Angela Simmerman-Sierra, Academy Director, and practice sessions with students, which testifies to the immense effectiveness of the scripts provided by the program. The work that you teach, Tim Simmerman-Sierra, is profound and deeply spiritual, your gift is the ability to distill this into very clear and concrete terms.

“Thank you so much for your passion, your dedication and your generosity in sharing this knowledge with us.

“I am so grateful for your transmission of the light!”

~ Amanda Luu, N.D L.Ac. E.A.M.P.
   Lynnwood, WA


“While great strides have been made since 1958 when the Council on Mental Health of the American Medical Association (AMA) officially accepted the use of hypnosis for physicians, one body that helps advance excellence, ethics and growth of research, education and practice of hypnotherapy is the Hypnotherapy Academy of America (HAA) and the Simmerman-Sierra model. As a recent graduate of the program, the HAA provided an impressive collaboration of instructors and practitioners as well as striking cross-fertilization of grounded, research-based materials and applications that included contemporary practices, as well as alternative modalities advancing health, wellness and personal growth outcomes today. It would have taken countless and scattered continuing education seminars, workshops, and programs to achieve the considerable depth and breadth of learning, training, and skill acquired at this campus. The Academy’s organized and disciplined approach is not for the faint of heart and only serious candidates need apply. Well-organized self-study is necessary and rigorous in-class participation requirements are inherent in the curriculum and training modules. Tim Simmerman-Sierra is an experienced, gifted and charismatic instructor and educator while Angela Simmerman-Sierra’s enthusiasm and commitment, along with the HAA staff help students achieve goals and exceed expectations.   As an educator and cognitive behavioral therapist, I am enthusiastic about the benefits that the “The Global Hypnotherapy Advancement Foundation” (GHAF) will bring not only to the nation but, to the world. I am grateful and excited to be part of a community that is helping to demystify and dispels myths related to this important work. I encourage the study of hypnotherapy to my students and have witnessed successful outcomes with clients in my private counseling practice.”

~  Margaret M. Guffey, MA, LPCi, CMS, CHt
     Counselor, Center for Positive Change
Adjunct- Professor, Masters In Counseling Program, Seton Hall University


“Hypnotherapy would be the perfect adjunct to psychotherapy!”

“As a physician who works for the Veteran’s Administration Hospitals nationwide, I have treated numerous veterans with conditions such as chronic pain and PTSD. These conditions are most often treated with a combination of prescription medications and psychotherapy. I believe the addition of hypnotherapy for pain control and accelerated healing techniques would allow physicians to decrease prescription medications and would be the perfect adjunct to psychotherapy.

“I chose the Hypnotherapy Academy of America for my training because they offer the most comprehensive program in the country. All training was done on site and closely supervised by highly qualified instructors. An added benefit was the ability to learn from physicians in other parts of the world who are experts in the field of medicine and hypnotherapy.  As a member of the International Board of Hypnotherapy at bi-monthly tele-conferences, we have the opportunity to do case presentations to peers as well as many experts in the field. Continued training is offered through annual symposiums with guest lecturers from the fields of medicine and hypnotherapy.

“Due to the training I received at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America I feel fully prepared and confident to offer my services as a Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist.”

~ Gayle Peltz, MD, CMS-CHT
   Biloxi, Mississippi


“Mr. Tim Simmerman-Sierra is one of the topmost authority and knowledgeable speaker in hypnotherapy. He should be included in committees that design medical syllabi.”

“As a trained medical doctor I received 6 years of training in a medical college in Dublin, Ireland. After 50 years, I have realized that the course in ‘anatomy and pharmacology’ was a waste of time, i.e. two years were wasted studying the subject that was minimally used in practice. It is unfortunate that the “study of mind” was never included in the course.  The ability to “self-heal” was just never mentioned during my years of training. The use of “pill was the magic treatment.” I know now that it was quite ignorant. Pills have side effects. Hypnotherapy has no side effects.  It brings out the inner resources of a person’s mind for self-healing. It is high time to involve hypnotherapy in the medical studies.”

“It is about time the medical profession and those responsible for designing the syllabus for medical studies include hypnotherapy as one of the specialties – like internal medicine, surgery, or psychiatry. More attention should be paid to the study of the mind and how it self-cures. It will do tons of favor to the citizens of the world.

“Mr. Tim Simmerman-Sierra is one of the top most knowledgeable speakers in hypnotherapy. He should be included in committees that design medical syllabi.

“The 10-weeks course is compact and very intense. There is so much learning and lots of group practice to help retain the information presented during lectures.

“Tim is one of the best; a very remarkable speaker and teacher. He should be teaching in a university about hypnotherapy, that would profit many more people. He has an awesome personality; he is calm and composed.

“This training has touched my life in many ways. At the age of 73 years, I am still going to improve myself spiritually, emotionally, and serve many communities at various levels.

“This is the only training in hypnotherapy I have taken and it is the best. It is wonderful. Tim is a wealth of information, supported by great teachers, coaches and staff. They are right here for us. I just love them all.

“The last two weeks on “Natal, Inter and Past Life Regression” have opened my mind and “eyes.” As far as reincarnation is concerned I am starting to prepare for my journey right now, this is a joy to me.”

~ Ravinder Sharma, MD, CMS-CHt, FIBH
Nanoose Bay, Canada


“I have been conducting psychotherapy and collaborating with other clinicians for several years now. I recently completed my PsyD in clinical psychology; yet, I learned more practical methods for creating positive change and growth in just 6 weeks at the Hypnotherapy Academy than I did in my entire professional graduate education.

“For example, in just the second week of training, I observed Tim Simmerman Sierra conduct the most effective therapeutic session I had ever witnessed. The client experienced profound results quickly and easily.

“Learning Tim’s hypnotherapy style has forever transformed the quality of sessions I will conduct. It transcends the strength of all other comparable psychotherapies that I am aware of. Keep in mind that this was just the beginning of what Tim and Angela provided as instructors.

“The educational model at the Academy teaches self-empowerment through a client-centered approach. This course is clinically practical, emotionally poignant, and a truly professional program. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to help people.”

~ Demetrius Nocerino, PsyD, CCHt
Concord, CA


“The Hypnotherapy Academy of America provides an incredible education on the use and application of hypnotherapy. The staff is caring and helpful, offering a great environment for personal transformation and growth. What I’ve learned and experienced here helps me immensely in my counseling work and my personal life. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone, especially counselors and people in the mental health professions. This training will make you a better and more effective professional, better serving your clients.”

~ Andrew Lesniewicz, MA, CHt
Mental Health Counselor,

Holland, OH 


“As a psychologist, I had some previous course work in hypnotherapy and was just expecting to brush up a bit.  What I found was a completely new, in-depth education in clinical hypnotherapy, plus a fully healing experience for myself. I now have an amazing variety of ‘new tools’ for creating transformation.  I feel competent and comfortable with all the methods I have learned here at the Academy.  I have felt completely supported by the staff, both in learning the new material and in my personal growth.  I also know that the support is ongoing as I start my new career.  I have never experienced this from any other training program.  I have come to embrace hypnotherapy as a much faster and more humane method of doing deep transformational work, and doubt that I will go back to using traditional psychological methods!”

~ Diana Guire, PhD, CMS-CHt  
Santa Cruz, CA 


“I had over 500 hours of hypnotherapy training before attending the Hypnotherapy Academy of America; however, I felt that I was missing some important concepts and skills, so I went to the Academy hoping to get what I was unable to get from other training. My goals were completely fulfilled. I received a solid foundation in hypnosis and hypnotherapy and learned how to take hypnotherapy to new heights and greater depths. As a result of the Academy training, I now do hypnotic work more efficiently and more effectively than with my prior training. Because the quality of my work as a hypnotherapist has significantly improved through Academy training, I can offer greater value to my patients, and I can more easily market my practice.

“While there are several aspects of the Academy’s training I consider superior, five aspects stand out in particular.  First, they teach solid and practical clinical skills and then reinforce them with demonstrations and practice.  Second, they teach material in multiple ways in order to support learning of students with different learning styles and backgrounds, and they are flexible in how they present concepts and techniques. Third, they teach principles as well as techniques, which helps students to apply what they learn in flexible and adaptable ways. Fourth, they support student learning with well organized written material in manuals that are continually being adjusted according to student responses and feedback. Fifth, they focus on the importance of practitioners living the principles and developing personally. In addition, the training is professional and is taught by instructors who are not only clinically accomplished but who are also obviously committed to educational excellence.

“Because of the quality of training and because of the deeply enriching personal experiences students receive, I highly recommend the Hypnotherapy Academy of America for any lay person, health professional or mental health professional who wants to become an excellent hypnotherapist.”

~ Greg Freedman, MD,   
   Director, Colorado Institute of Behavioral Medicine
   Boulder, CO


“I have spent a lot of time in the academic world, and this has been by far the best educational experience of my life. Coming to the Hypnotherapy Academy was well worth the time and effort to travel thousands of miles.”

~  Jeffrey Adams, PhD, CHt
London, UK


“It is impossible to emerge from the Academy without having your heart touched in a profound, immeasurable way.”

“When I embarked upon the journey of learning hypnotherapy at the Academy, I had no idea what was in store for me. I knew that I had a profound interest in hypnotherapy as both an art and as a science. I also knew that I had a burning desire to be in a healing art that would enable me to help others. What I didn’t realize was that the Academy is a place of true, personal transformation.

“Needless to say, the experiences at the Academy far exceed all of my expectations. The evidence-based data presented in the classroom is augmented by case presentations and live demonstrations.  We receive a lot of hands-on experience through practices supervised by experienced coaches. Through the live demonstrations and practicum experience, the occurrence of miracles is an everyday, commonplace event!

“The Academy environment is tremendously supportive and compassionate.  The entire team works together to assure that each individual succeeds in becoming the best person that they can be, as well as the best hypnotherapist available.  It is impossible to emerge from the Academy without having your heart touched in a profound, immeasurable way.”

~ Lisa J. Smole, RDH, MBA
Los Alamos, NM


“It has given me the confidence to help people to heal their traumas, phobias, quit smoking and bring meaningful happiness in their lives. The course has empowered me to approach people with my positive beliefs to assure them that their lives can certainly be better if they learn self-hypnosis or seek the help of a hypnotherapist in the scope of his ability and practice.

“I feel more clear about the remaining life I have in future years. It gave me a meaningful direction to utilize the rest of my life in a more productive and creative way by helping others as well as my loved ones. I also feel personally at ease with many complexities of life – which most of us have to go through.

“I would recommend HAA as the only credible place today anywhere in the world to learn hypnotherapy in a serious professional environment, where a real master Tim pours his heart and soul to give every bit of knowledge and experience he gained.

“It is a privilege to learn from Tim Simmerman-Sierra whom I consider as the best hypnotherapy guru and master teacher of present times.  Tim’s improvisation of teaching techniques on the basis of his own experience and ongoing class interactions with students from all walks of life have definitely established him at par and even beyond the league of his teacher, Gil Boyne, and many of his teacher’s contemporaries.

“His most enlightened wife Angela’s unique spiritual strength inspires the Academy for much higher meaningful purposes to bring productive and needed catharsis in our society to cope with pain and sufferings.”

~ Dinesh Sharma, MD, CMS-CHt, FIBH
    New Delhi, Delhi, India


“As a physician, I can tell you that the training I received from Tim and his expert staff allows me to serve people better than all my years of medical training combined. I feel that anyone who cares about people, regardless of their background, can become an excellent hypnotherapist at the Academy. By practicing hypnotherapy, I am confident that I am able to guide people through their healing process better and faster than I ever have before.”

~ William R. Collado, MD
    Graduate of the University of Miami
    School of Medicine, Class of 1988


Post-Surgical Back Pain Eliminated

“I have had back pain for the past 10 years. About four years ago I developed a herniated disc. Three years later, I had surgery on the herniation to reduce pain in my back and down my left leg. Post surgery my pain diminished down the leg, but I continued to have pain across my lower back. When I spoke to my doctor he stated that pain was most likely arthritis and I would have that pain most likely for the rest of my life.

“During my studies at the Hypnotherapy Academy in Albuquerque, we were doing practicals and doing a process for dealing with my back pain.

“After that session, my back pain was gone. There is no more pain in my lower back! I am grateful to the school and the hypnosis methods I learned that work so well with the body.”

~ Gerald Richard, Nurse
    Placitas, New Mexico


“I have been intrigued about hypnosis and its healing applications ever since I first heard about it. After many hours of research, I stumbled upon the Hypnotherapy Academy of America and was immediately drawn to the program. I was too young to sign up at the time but I kept it saved on my computer and every once in a while I would go back to it and get excited all over again. Completing this program has been one of the most life changing experiences I have had so far. The staff is knowledgeable, kind, and patient, and Tim is a wealth of information and a pioneer in hypnotherapy. Every day we made new discoveries and got to better ourselves and others. Every day I was more and more glad I chose the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, and feel confident and competent in my skills as a hypnotherapist. Thank you!!”

~ Roxanne Ross, CMS-CHt 
  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


“Don’t waste your time or money on any other program, come to the best and you’ll feel confident and knowledgeable in the field.”

“I knew I would learn a lot about hypnotherapy, but I could not have predicted just how much knowledge, understanding, confidence, and awareness I would leave this course with. I feel secure that I can guide any client who comes to me through a successful hypnotherapy session’s program and help them reach their goals.

“I came here to further my knowledge in my chosen profession of hypnotherapy. What I did not expect was how much personal growth I would undergo. This course was life changing, I am calmer, more patient, and truly feel more in touch with my true authentic self.

“I would tell people this is the only place to study hypnotherapy if you want to have a complete knowledge and understanding of the subject. This course goes above and beyond all expectations and is worth your time and money.

“There is no comparison.  The Hypnotherapy Academy of America is a world call program that prepares students to be the top hypnotherapist.  Don’t waste your time or money on any other program, come to the best and you’ll feel confident and knowledgeable in the field.

“If you want to learn from the best and set yourself up to be a success in the hypnotherapy field, then you must attend the Hypnotherapy Academy of America.

“I had previously gotten certified in the field and have been working, but within the first week of training at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America my previous coursework was blown away.  Not only does this course teach you a variety of different processes and the background for hypnosis works, but it also ensures you leave with confidence, skills, and know how to be a success.  The directors and coaches take the time to teach each student every single thing they need in order for them to reach the highest levels of proficiency.

“Stop looking for another school and invest your time, money, and self into the education here at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America.”

~ Traci Blank, CMS-CHt, FIBH  
   Martinswille, NJ 


“During my class, I had the opportunity to be Tim’s client during a live demonstration. The session focused on improving my health and fitness so that I could do a rigorous 23-mile hike.

“Tim also designed a custom hypnosis CD to help me reach my goal, that I listened to every day for a month and I DID IT!!! I completed the challenging 23 miles with ease! In addition, I have accomplished my fitness and health goals, having lost 10 lbs and built muscle strength and endurance.

1 Nepali coast

2 Nepali coast

“In July of 2012, I easily and successfully completed my goal of hiking the Nepali coast of Kauai! I am so grateful for you and everyone on your team for all the encouragement, support and training. I also opened up my health center where I offer hypnotherapy in addition to other health and fitness services. It has been open for only about two months and my hypnotherapy clientele is already increasing at a perfect pace. I am a successful agent for positive change, who is spreading the good word to the people of Kauai! I am happier, healthier, and more successful than I have ever been in my entire life, and I owe a lot to all of you at the Academy.

“With Love, Light and lots of Aloha!
Tiffany M. Friend, CMS-Cht”


Avoided Surgery with Self-Healing

“Due to an injury to the rotator cuff of my right shoulder, I had some pain and was limited to only partial movement of my arm for months. After having an MRI my doctor decided I needed surgery to restore full range of motion to my arm. I came to the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, and during the training to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist I had several private hypnotherapy sessions with staff, and have regained almost all the movement in my right shoulder; therefore, the surgery is no longer necessary!”

~ David Clarke,  Airline Pilot
    Salt Lake City, Utah


Cleared Driving Phobia in Class

“I knew this would be for me a major investment. However, I was very impressed with the presentation given during an introductory evening class. Tim really piqued the interest I already had in hypnosis.

“When I actually began the program, I was amazed. The depth of information covered is truly amazing. I was told each week gets even better and I can attest to that wholeheartedly.

“It’s only week 5 and I have already cleared some phobias I have dealt with for years now. I had issues with driving and having panic attacks. After one of the supervised practice sessions in class, with Amy, a fellow student, I finally got past all that; and once more I am able to drive with no issues!

“I find this the best money spent in years. My confidence has increased and the atmosphere from all the staff is wonderful.”

~ Gabriel Duran, IT Consultant
   Albuquerque, New Mexico


Transformed the Effects of Lupus

Debra Novinger, a nurse educator, took advantage of an opening in her teaching schedule to attend the Hypnotherapy Academy and study mind-body healing in the summer of 2018. While Debra is a life-long learner-always thirsty for new ways to  help others-she was a bit skeptical  at first saying, “I’m a nurse, I’m all about being sensible and having to back everything up with scientific validation. Even with the National Institutes of Health research of the Integral Hypnotherapy style, this was a new frontier for me.”

For many years, Debra had suffered with the effects of lupus, an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks the body. Instead of the immune system recognizing the body as “self” and therefore, something to be protected from foreign bodies like bacteria and viruses, the immune system becomes “confused” and attacks the body.

This resulted in Debra having surgery on both feet, her right wrist and thumb, four surgeries on that arm, and a knee replacement. Then after an infection under her right eye, more surgery was done to remove decayed bone.

“I suffered with intense chronic pain. At one point I was on a steroidal medication that nearly killed my kidneys, then I was on up to 90mg a day of long-acting morphine for 10 years, plus I took high doses of hydrocodone.

“I’ve been in nursing for 42 years. We are taught that people heal by medicine and surgery. Yet as time went on, in my gut I knew there had to be another way, something I could do to heal my own body, apart from medicine.”

During our classroom-style hypnotherapy certification training, students have an opportunity to practice and experience the hypnotherapy methods. She understood how emotional pain can enter into your physical pain.

Day by day, Debra used the methods to address the underlying emotional pain and experience the healing power of forgiveness. With every new method she and her classmates learned and then practiced, she would guide her subconscious mind to help her body. Academy Director and Instructor, Angela Simmerman-Sierra taught some specific techniques that Debra used to communicate with her immune system, telling it to protect the body, not attack it;  to  protect the bones and joints of her body and to help her feel more comfortable.

Debra began to feel much better and, with her physician’s guidance, began cutting back on her medication. Debra tells us, “I knew I couldn’t take that much pain medication for that long without it ending my life at a premature age. By the end of the hypnotherapy course I was completely off the morphine and using, at most, 1/8th of the hydrocodone.”

“When I got home from Albuquerque, I gave half a bottle of pills back to the pharmacy. They couldn’t believe it. It’s been a year now and I have not needed to take any morphine!”

“Now the pain and neurology centers are sending me clients. Even before I had officially opened my hypnotherapy office, I started seeing clients. In one case the pain clinic wanted someone to see me before they do more work with them!”

“As my mother told me, please don’t let anything deter you from doing this training.

“Let me say that again, please don’t let anything deter you from doing this training. Go and heal!

“I feel like I have a whole new body. Once in a while I get some discomfort, and I can take something if I need to, but now I can also use the self-hypnosis pain control methods to feel great.

“Also, I’d like to add that as a Christian, I had thought hypnosis might go against everything I knew, but it didn’t. NONE of it was in opposition to my beliefs. In fact, it enhanced them.

“And, during a live demonstration in class with Tim, I also worked on a very old confidence issue related to playing the piano at a recital. Who would have known a childhood incident like that had affected my entire life. Yet, in that single session I completely cleared it up, and with my hands feeling better, you should hear me play now!

“Taking the Hypnotherapy Academy certification course gave me a new way to help people, and it was therapy for me. It changed my life-I think it saved my life.”

~ Debra Novinger, CMS-CHt, FIBH
   OMAHA, Arkansas


Testimonials from Neuromuscular Massage Therapists

“The completeness and comprehensive approach make me CERTAIN that I am fully prepared to assist others effectively.”

“The learning materials, process, and adult-learning style of the training were excellent.  My expectations were exceeded. I feel ready to begin the next phase of my healing career, grateful for the thorough preparation.

“My phobias, obsessive thinking, avoidance of situations, have spontaneously healed. I feel prepared and ready to meet any situation or challenge and maximize opportunities that present themselves.

“From the moment I walked through the door at HAA, I knew this was the place I needed to be to get the most thorough and comprehensive training for my next career as a hypnotherapist. My expectations were exceeded, over and over. I have been on a personal growth path for 35 years, and have been an NMT, LMT for almost 30.  I have experienced countless adorned trainings, therapies, retreats, seminars, and professional certifications versus my experience of HAA. The program and staff, as well as the process and system here, is that of pure excellence.

“The learning materials, lectures, process, coaching, and attention to each student’s progress is so positive and exemplary, that all adult learning training could benefit from this model. I am returning to a masters level acupuncture degree program that I left previously because of test taking anxiety and adult learning style issues. I have renewed hope that at 51 I can complete that degree and pass 5 national board exams and a NM State exam, with the skills and techniques and training I benefitted from and integrated at HAA.  I am also looking into the practice of hypnotherapy to complement the medical massage and injury rehabilitation business that I already own. Thank you a million times for a fresh start and renewed life.

“I know this training has fully prepared me to help others with hypnotherapy, to create a private practice and be a success. The adult learning techniques are excellent and Tim is one of the top teachers I’ve ever experienced in my life. Very grateful! Very thorough, love the business part.

“I had so many positive results healing money issues, weight issues, phone ‘phobia’, and other concerns. I feel much lighter and [experience] less body pain; I am more positive and open to psychic knowing. I am just completely grateful.

“So much to say, however my deepest gratitude to the Academy for over-delivering a high-quality experience. I would have attended just for the personal growth component, however, I also am grateful to have received a new career. Thank you.

“I already have recommended this training to 3 psychotherapists I know socially. This training is so complete and comprehensive- excellent in every way.”

~ Karla Linden, LMTT, NMT, CMS-CHt, FIBH  
  Albuquerque, NM


No Snake Oil Found Here

“Tim Simmerman Sierra has brought together a curriculum and teaching style that makes ancient wisdom accessible with seemingly infinite new world applications. I am astonished every day here at the Academy. This is an intensive distilling experience. In a world full of snake oil salesmen, it is thrilling to study real transformation.”
~ Ben Foster, filmmaker
   New York, NY


“At age 67, with a graduate degree and plenty of professional continuing education, I can say authoritatively that this was the best designed and delivered course that I have ever taken!

“Tim has a deep well that he easily accesses at will. He is brilliant and funny and he understands adult education as well as his subject of hypnotherapy. I feel fully prepared to practice hypnotherapy.

“This course has given me the confidence that I can now control my mind in meaningful ways instead of being a slave to my subconscious mind’s beliefs and emotions, not all of them being positive.”

~ Bill Crandell, CHt
    Midland, TX/Canada, Pictou, Nova Scotia


I trained at a different hypnosis school…

“I took a course before, at another school, in 2007, but until I came to the Hypnotherapy Academy in Albuquerque, I had no idea how inadequately I was trained.

“In fact, the first time around I can truly say that I spent good money, went to class a week a month for 12 months and didn’t have the confidence to do a session.

“Now, at the Academy, with what I have learned, I am confident, competent, knowledgeable and fully confident that I can go into full practice after my graduation.

“The information, the techniques, the adequate hours and hours of practice will be forever ingrained in my mind and I am forever grateful for that awesome experience. It is a privilege for me to be associated with such a group of professionals with such high standards for themselves, for the students and the industry as well.

“I am so happy that I finally attended the Hypnotherapy Academy of America!”

~ Gerard St. Villier
    Houston, Texas/Haiti


Teenager with Brain Cancer Helped by Academy Grad

A Texas teenager who just started his senior year was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. The cancer was so severe that the physician gave the boy and his family two options. The first was to quit school, put his affairs in order and try to enjoy the last few months of his life. The second was to try radiation and chemotherapy, deal with the side effects, with no guarantee of a recovery. Fortunately, Hypnotherapy Academy graduate, Marianne Garcia, is also a teacher at his high school, and he chose to do the chemotherapy and radiation, in conjunction with clinical hypnotherapy. Using special techniques taught at the Academy, Marianne showed the boy how to enhance the effects of the medical treatment, and stimulate his immune system to clean his body of the sick cells. At the time, everyone was elated that he was able to attend his senior prom and walk across the stage at graduation to receive his diploma. Now it has been a year and a half and we have even better news. Marianne recently reported to us that in a tearful reunion with the boy’s mother she found out that now he is attending college and the cancer is totally gone!


Another Hospital Hires Academy Graduate!

Academy Graduate, Alena Guest has just been hired by a California hospital as their staff hypnotherapist! The hospital administrators have been so impressed with the Accelerated Healing and Pain Control techniques that Alena learned here at the Academy that they have been working together to create this position for her. Her function will be to provide medical hypnosis as an adjunct to the hospital’s patient population. Congratulations to Alena! She has been doing such great work in her private practice and her community at large that we’re not surprised that she has been offered this position. Alena said, “This didn’t happen because I’m the only hypnotherapist in town. There are plenty of others. I got the job because my training at the Hypnotherapy Academy was head and shoulders above the rest.”
~ Alena Guest, CMS-CHt
Mendocino, CA


Testimonials from Clients

“For me it all started in 2009 when I had to move from state to state, I began with depression and anxiety which drove me to eat emotionally.  Between 2012 and 2013 I felt everything I ate made me sick and had a lot of stomach discomfort pain and I was bloated all the time in addition to the depression and overweight at this point I had no energy and was very irritable.

“The relationship with my family was affected due to how sick I felt all the time.

“In the summer of 2015 my stomach issues affected every hour of my day so much so that I didn’t feel comfortable going out, I was bloated all the time, I had insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks very often.

“On January 9th, 2016, I had an appointment at the clinic “Simplemente Salud” and met Dr. Andru Zeller, after a few tests he found that I had H Pylori and the liver was inflamed, I did two rounds of antibiotics that didn’t work.  In February 2016, I had to go to the emergency room due to the severity of my symptoms, in the hospital I was diagnosed with Colitis Ulcerative I was told that the antibiotics were most probably the cause.  I was more depressed than ever.

“I returned to see Dr. Zeller and he explained that my body was very sensitive and it was not recommendable to take any more antibiotics, then he suggested me to try more natural methods and also suggested which foods I should avoid.

“On June 2016, I went back to see Dr. Zeller because of the stomach issues, nausea, depression and anxiety were extreme. They did an IGg Food Allergy Test which found that I had many food intolerances that were part of my everyday meals as well as a Candida overgrowth.  When I stopped eating these foods and eliminating all sugars I felt a better however the inflammation, depression and anxiety continued.

“On December 2016, my depression was so great I had lost all hope.

“January 2017, I went back to see Dr. Zeller thinking that my H Pylori had relapsed or worse. They did 3 tests that resulted negative.  I explained to Dr. Zeller my frustration with the depression and anxiety, I was also constantly stressed and unable to relax and let things go.  He suggested that I call Angela Simmerman-Sierra from the Hypnotherapy Academy of America.  On March 9th, I finally called her.  I was very affected by an anxiety attack that I had that week.  When I spoke to her on the phone for the first time I immediately felt calm and hopeful.  The following day I went to her office to get her CD “The Healing Lake”.  I started listening to these recordings twice a day and my first appointment was March 18th, 2017.

“My life changed completely since the day I met Angela.

“I had gone through my entire life just in a surviving mode, and as a result, I was sick all the time and unhappy.

“I have been seeing Angela for 6 weeks now and the change in my life has been amazing! I’m no longer depressed or bloated, I’m losing weight, I can sleep through the whole night, I feel motivated, calm and in control of my life.

“With Hypnotherapy, I have learned that I can choose my own thoughts, words and actions.  It is not always easy, but now I know that I am the one who chooses to transform every aspect of my day into a positive way.

“Hypnotherapy is a method that has made me see life in a whole different way, every day when I hear the recordings and do my self-hypnosis I stay positive and calm under circumstances that I couldn’t before.  Now I feel joyful and I find myself smiling all day long.

“This is part of my new lifestyle, a new healthier life mentally, physically and emotionally. Hypnotherapy has not only improved my life but the members of my family as well, they see the difference in me and they have changed also in many ways, I can see that now giving them the example of serenity and positive mind has helped them to have the same lifestyle. I notice the joy in their faces to see me smiling a lot more than before.

“I would recommend Hypnotherapy to anyone, whether you have a similar case to mine or you simply want to learn to live in a more positive way.  I was very surprised to realize that my physical pain was created by my emotional distress and I am amazed that now I don’t need medication thanks to hypnotherapy.  By simply listening to the recordings and doing self-hypnosis every day for a few minutes I am part of my own healing process and that is all I need to continue my new lifestyle and my family’s as well.

“I am very grateful to Dr. Zeller for recommending this method that has brought me back to life.

“There are no words to express how grateful I am to Angela.  She has saved my life.  I thought I would never see the light in the darkness that was my life and she extended her hand, and with her compassion, she guided me to live in a meaningful and wholesome way.”

~ Hecmary Barrios


“Thank you, thank you for that sweet voice and angel who saved my life from Chron’s Disease.”

“Dear Angela,

I met with my client, XX, a 28-year-old Latina female, wife and mother of three small girls who self-referred for counseling for depression and anxiety brought on by a chronic struggle with Chron’s Disease.

This was our third mental health counseling session.  We have not seen each other for three weeks.  XX presented two months ago with feelings of sadness, hopelessness, upset and guilt relating to her medical complications.  More and more she found she was withdrawing from her family and community, embarrassed by her condition and appearance.

XX’s weight was down to 92 pounds and her stomach was bloated and painful.  She could find no relief to chronic diarrhea, cramping, fatigue, muscle tension, insomnia and subsequent moodiness that affected her daily life.  She was overreacting to the most minor irritant and took her frustration out on her children.  She wept throughout the first two sessions from despair and explained she did not want to live this way.

Because of financial conflicts XX was unable to pursue traditional medical treatments — although the clinic is helping to change that.  I asked XX if she would be receptive to hypnosis treatment for her pain and she volunteered that she would try anything to get her life back.  I reached out to you and you helped me by providing the Spanish Version of the Healing Lake.  XX listened to your audio every morning and evening for three weeks until we met today.   And when we did, I can honestly say, Angela, that I nearly fell back into my chair.  I could not believe my eyes.  XX walked into the clinic unattended by family members beaming and…fatter! She was up to 105! She was gorgeous. Her hair was also growing in. She explained that she felt calmer and believed it was a “miracle” that her health was improving.

She looked amazingly beautiful, peaceful and composed.  She had this huge smile on her face, gave me a hug and said, “Thank you, thank you for the recording; it has saved me.”

XX explained the intensity is greatly diminished and pain is less severe.  She is coping exponentially better on myriad levels.  Her depression and anxiety are stabilizing and she is able to function and perform daily tasks more effectively.  Best of all, she is more patient with her kids and optimistic about her treatment and future.

She reported that she now starts every day by listening to the Healing Lake and instead of crying tears of sorrow, XX was crying tears of relief! She threw her head back and her hands up in the air and literally said, Thank you, thank you for that sweet voice and angel who saved my life.”  That Angel was you, Angela.

The last time we spoke she mentioned that her surgery had been postponed because she was managing her symptoms and her pain with a collaborative team of clinicians at the clinic. She told me that the treatment recommended by her doctors included a written recommendation to experience (once to twice a day for 21 days) “The Healing Lake” CD (Spanish Version) authored and facilitated by Angela Simmerman Sierra.

Thank you, Angela, for responding promptly to my plea and providing this gift to my client.”

~  Margaret M. Guffey, MA, LPCi, CMS, CHt
     Volunteer in Medicine Clinic, Hilton Head Island, South Caroline
Adjunct- Professor, Masters In Counseling Program, Seton Hall University


“I’ve been working with Angela for 5 weeks now.  Each time we work using hypnosis to heal limiting thoughts, feelings & behaviors that have been holding me back for most of my life.  Week by week, I’ve healed a little bit more & a little bit more.  I’ve opened up & blossomed more into my true self as all of those negative things drop away.

“One of the major tools we’ve used is “Return to Alignment,” a new technique that Angela created to reverse traumas.  If I had to compare this method with the old “Trauma Reversal” I would say that I love this one because it engages my physical body in the process and it releases any extra energy, allowing me to experience only what is happening at the moment.  My conscious mind stays busy with the act of running backward and flying forward while it relaxes me so that I am only focusing on the task of the moment without outside or inside distractions.  It’s really effective and creates remarkable visual experiences for me as well.  It’s so simple yet so amazingly effective.

“With Angela’s help, I have removed the entire emotional trauma left from a very toxic relationship that ended 12 years ago but that I’d been carrying around with me all of this years.

“The remarkable part about my transformation is that in literally 1 session, I went from feeling hurt, angry and upset to feeling neutral and thinking: “That was just some relationship I had many years ago and I don’t have a connection to it anymore.”

“When I say it’s remarkable, I say it because I assumed that I will have parts of that experience with me for the rest of my life, and now I do not have any.  That is the simple beauty of hypnotherapy!  

“That is a testament to Angela’s skillful use of her knowledge. She truly is a gift to me and I am forever blessed from working with her.”

~ Carmen Moretti, CMS-CHt 
Scottsdale, AZ 


“I am Clear of Cancer now! I Live Peacefully and Look to the Future!”

“A slow-growing cancer in my right lung was diagnosed in February 2015.  I was in shock and had a mix of feelings like depression, sadness and confusion. At MD Anderson, I had my right lung removed in August 2015 and a few weeks after the surgery I was also diagnosed with pericarditis (inflammation of the membrane enclosing the heart.)

“I returned to MD Anderson for proton therapy to treat the aggressive cancer that remained in my lymph nodes. [There was no guarantee] that the proton therapy would be effective. What I faced after proton therapy treatments was depression and severe doubt that I could move on with my life. I had problems sleeping and a deep-seated feeling of dread.

“I decided to try hypnotherapy because of a recommendation from a psychiatrist friend who had success at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America.  She told me about the Academy Director, Angela Simmerman Sierra’s, personal healing story with hypnotherapy.  I was open to trying but had my doubts.  On my first hypnotherapy session, Angela immediately started with visualizations that were directed at the cancer itself, giving me imagery that I could use in my own daily self-hypnosis exercises. In addition to this, she used specific hypnotherapy protocols to alleviate my doubts of getting well and the fear that I would not have a healthy future.

“After my first session, I started to sleep 7 or 8 hours a night.  This was my first great accomplishment with the hypnotherapy sessions.  I regained my ability to sleep well again, thus providing my body with the help it needed to heal.

“In April 2016, I had my first postoperative PET scan along with blood and urine checks and all was clear and well! I now live in peace and not fear.  My doctor says that everything is great. 

“I know there is a possibility that there may be more cancer in my future, but I am able to live and enjoy the present and not fear the future.

“If a cancer patient is open to hypnotherapy, it may well aid in their healing or at the very least provide a peaceful future without fear and dread.  I continue to use the imagery provided by Angela Simmerman Sierra and find it helpful to my sense of well-being.”

~ Patricia Ingram, ATR
Albuquerque, NM


Testimonials from other professions

“I very much enjoyed Tim as my professor! He has a great balance of serious no-nonsense, but slightly playful when it is appropriate.

“He very well understands the material; he has mastered that during his 26-year career.

“The lineage is very important and by being Gil Boyne’s protégé, Tim is a treasure to us the students who are learning hypnotherapy from a client-centered approach. It is invaluable to have the experience of studying with Tim because he has that compassionate component that is not present in other schools where the professors come from a different background, be it mental health or counseling. That compassionate position is absolutely necessary to help a client.

“Tim has the ability to masterfully control the flow of the class, conversation and information delivery. I have had many college professors who should probably take a class from Tim on just how to operate a classroom.

“I think that the Academy’s class structure and format are perfect! I have compared it with other educational experiences at university, college or vocational trainings through the military, and I see the difference because some of them are just lectures with a minimum amount of feedback or input from the student in the form of homework assignments. College may have the lecture and the lab, but the most important part is the hands-on skills, because most of us humans learn from experience, and here at the Academy that is what the program is most focused on.

“What I appreciate the most is that Tim has developed this system where coaches give individual attention to students practicing in smaller groups after the lecture is taught, and therefore the quality of education in this environment is higher than any other that we compare it to.

“The structure of this training is very important to me because of the 3-level learning:

  • Theory and lecture
  • Supervised Practice
  • Debrief or sharing of the experience while working from the two different positions as student hypnotherapist and student client.

Tim is wonderful!”

~ Bryan Calcagno, CMS-CHt  
   Durango, CO


“The staff experience, quality of the curriculum, and intensity of learning environment set the Hypnotherapy Academy of America apart from any training program I know of. From my personal experience during 8 weeks of residence at the HAA, I can attest to the value of this program; it was absolutely life-changing.

“Compared to my expectations prior to arrival, the HAA over-delivered in all categories. The teacher-student ratio is fantastic, and all the material is digestible and pragmatic. Furthermore, we received more material than can be covered in formal curriculum hours, therefore those extras are a treasure of learning for the student to soak in later. But the most significant value to me is the personal transformation I experienced over this relatively short period of my life. I am already enjoying a romantic relationship and improved self-esteem, for the first time in my life. I thank the HAA program and staff completely for this gift.”

~ Amanda Barbee, CMS-CHt  
   Mill Creek, WA


“This time at the Academy has been educational and personally transformative as well. My husband graduated in 2004 and it took me 12 years to finally get here. When I told him I was ready to commit to the program, he said: “It changed my life then, and it changes it every day.” My heart just loved those words and now that I’ve taken the program, I understand them; my thinking is changed – my consciousness is changed.  I have solid tools now to continue to grow and meet new challenges, which is very exciting.  However, the best thing about the course is I’ve found a way to fulfill my life purpose and I am thrilled with the work and the powerful way it provides to help others heal and help themselves.   I’m so inspired by everything I’ve learned at the Academy. As Dr. Dulcey says – hypnotherapists are angels here to help guide others into Paradise.  What could be better than that?”

~ Lisa Avnet, CMS-CHt  
   Brooklyn, NY


“After completing just module one of the Hypnotherapy Training, I met with a friend that was diagnosed with stage 3 blood cancer. She was scheduled to report at the Mayo Clinic in AZ for more testing; to begin scheduling and preparing for a bone marrow transplant. After only three sessions and one week of frequent use of a personalized healing imagery CD, she reported to me that Mayo Clinic had downgraded her diagnosis to a stage 1.5, and a bone marrow transplant is no longer needed.

“She attributes her success to doing the therapy and remaining positive.”

~ Jim Powel, CMS-CHt 
   Carson City, NV


“A life-affirming transformational experience in a trusting setting. Tim and Angela with their staff create an exceptional learning environment as well as a safe place to explore the deepest spiritual aspects of life and gain insight and healing on a personal level. I highly recommend Module 5 Natal/Past Life, as it takes it all to the next level.

“I love the academy and it will remain in my heart as a place where the divine resides to do magical and wondrous work, creating more love, more peace and more understanding.

Thank You”

~ Connie Nicolette, CMS-CHt 
   Sackets Harbor, NY


“The first 6 weeks were amazing. The amount of information learned was extremely helpful in building self-confidence as a hypnotherapist. The medical hypnosis module [weeks 7 & 8] was eye-opening. I kept thinking to myself, why isn’t this being taught to every medical staff in the country?  The use of imagery on ailments and the scientific research showed on the results of imagery was incredible.  I thought the first 8 weeks were all that was necessary to become a well-rounded hypnotherapist but Natal and Past Life Regression [weeks 9 & 10] were essential to my understanding of the benefits of hypnosis. I had a profound experience that helped clear a block I’ve had for years. I wouldn’t feel complete without the Natal & Past Life training.”

~ Michael Peters , CMS-CHt 
    Mt. Prospect, IL


“If you are practicing hypnotherapy, the Natal Regression & Past Life Regression training will give you incredible tools to help your clients improve their lives in a deep and meaningful way.  I can’t imagine not being able to offer my clients these great opportunities to guide them in knowing themselves and creating fulfilling lives.”

~ Christine Jirsa, CMS-CHt 
    Longmont, CO


“After previous training in hypnosis, I felt inadequately prepared.

“I then decided to attend the Hypnotherapy Academy of America. It’s a very well developed curriculum and coached practice sessions make a great difference. I now feel confident and ready to help people achieve their goals. I would recommend the training at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America to anyone considering becoming a hypnotherapist.

“This is the best program available.”

~ Rebecca Johnson, CMS-CHt 
    Windsor, CO


“I’ve enjoyed all aspects of the training at HAA.  I feel confident with the education I’ve received and now I can start my practice with the tools I’ve been given. I want to say Thank You to Tim, Angela, Alicia and the entire staff.  Each of you has had a profound impact on my life. I look forward to gaining experience and will continue to remember how well you mentored me. Someday in the near future, I’ll be a mentor for others with you in mind.

“Thank you.  You will forever be a part of my life!”

~ Rhonda Davis, CMS-CHt 
    Farmington, NM 


“You All are such a Blessing in my life, there are no words for how thankful I am to you.  It became even more obvious after returning to my prior ‘routine’ life exactly how empowering and positive I feel my experience at the Academy has been. Everywhere I look, I now see promise, even in the shadows.

“Thank You all so much.”

~ MarJane Glazebrook, CMS-CHt 
    Edgewood, NM 


“Tim is a powerhouse to impart his knowledge on a daily basis!”

“I can’t wait to get started! Seeing with my own eyes the results of sessions and feeling the results I’ve had over the duration of the course has been awe-inspiring. We’ve been given all the tools we need – it’s all about running the sessions and getting better and better. I feel blessed and honored to have attended. Also, Tim is a powerhouse to impart his knowledge on a daily basis – No easy task! He is just a wealth of knowledge. Imagine if he had a full year or two to teach the training!

“Thru this training I have healed my past traumas of being bullied and my very troubled way of seeing my parents. I have been able to let go of life-long hostilities and emotional hardships by reprogramming my subconscious to see things in a healthier way, leaving me with an inner peace I certainly didn’t have when I came here.

“It’s the most comprehensive training available, and it’s the ONLY school I would dream of recommending.”

~ Bianca DeGroat, CMS-CHt, FIBH  
    Los Angeles, CA


“The useless worry and anxieties have fallen away”

“The course is rooted in classic metaphysical theory combined with practical spiritual understanding and functional behavior. The methodology has been proven in real life therapy and refined over time.

“It has refocused and renewed my spiritual energies and understanding.  Useless worry and anxieties have fallen away. I would say it is transformative.

“The course content and techniques are rooted in the best of perennial philosophy and wisdom traditions brought into a clear, contemporary focus.  After decades of trying to understand how the mind, belief, subconscious and super conscious operate and interact, I now have that understanding along with a highly functional set of methods designed to put that understanding to use, for my own benefit and that of others.”

~ Bob Funkhouser, CMS-CHt, FIBH
    Santa Fe, NM


Tried a 300-hour online course then came to the Academy!

“The first school’s online course showed me techniques, but I did not feel like it prepared me for actual private practice. (And I wasn’t the only student with this feeling.) Now I have become a more competent hypnotherapist using the Academy’s unique techniques and protocols to assist a client in every way!

“I feel that this training has cleared erroneous beliefs. I most definitely recommend the Academy. Not only will you learn PROPER HYPNOTHERAPY, but it will also provide the student opportunity or work on personal issues as well.”

~ Brian Proulx, CMS-CHt, FIBH 
    Orange Park, FL


“This 10-week training has been more than I could have ever hoped for.”

“The knowledge, course material, faculty, and staff have been second to none. I am confident that the skills acquired have given me the confidence to practice Hypnotherapy.

“I have been on such a spiritual and emotional journey these past ten weeks. I will be going back to Australia a different person that’s for sure.  The love and support I’ve received while being here is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

“I would and have recommended the training to many. I believe it is the very best in the world.

“I have taken many courses over the last 15 years. The knowledge, course material, and curriculum has to be the very best. Tim Freely shares his enormous wealth of knowledge with us all.”

~ Dawn Harrison-Reeve, CMS-CHt, FIBH 
    Perth, W. A. Australia


“This is the most in-depth hypnotherapy course available anywhere”

“A very intensive and thorough course which included mechanics, techniques, theory, philosophy, psychology, and ethics as well as business tips for starting a private practice.  The staff is dedicated and knowledgeable.

“It has taught me techniques for self-hypnosis and personal affirmations which I will continue to use for personal growth and healing.

“This is the most in-depth hypnotherapy course available anywhere. The staff is excellent.”

~ Hervé Boisde, CMS-CHt, FIBH
   Brooklyn, NY


Heal the mind to better heal the body!

“I had the opportunity to attend a number of training programs in the Bay Area, but instead, I chose the Hypnotherapy Academy because I believed it would prepare me to become the best possible hypnotherapist possible. The program did not disappoint me.

“The original intent of my participation was for personal healing and self-discovery.  The program exceeded my expectations and assisted me in achieving my goals. My anxiety is almost completely gone and I have reformed my old ways to process my thoughts into positive ones.

“The Hypnotherapy Academy of America gives you a complete education and practical foundation for starting a hypnotherapy practice. I believe no other program offers such a comprehensive curriculum.

“As a physical therapist, we are taught about the importance of the mind-body connection.  Unfortunately, we often fail to put more emphasis on the mind-ful component of the connection.  The Academy’s instructional program has given me new and better insight as to the value of healing the mind to better heal the body.”

~ James Rodriguez, CMS-CHt   
    San Francisco, CA


“This training has been incredibly comprehensive.  I feel absolutely prepared to help people with hypnotherapy.  I have learned several very powerful techniques to help people heal their emotional and physical issues.

“This training has helped me examine and clear some of the negative conditioning in my subconscious mind.  It has also given me the tools to continue my personal growth.  I feel that I am more objective when looking at my life.  I have also gained powerful self-hypnosis techniques.

“If someone was serious about learning hypnotherapy and helping others heal, it would be an absolute must to come to the Hypnotherapy Academy.

~ Jamieson Romanelli, CMS-CHt, FIBH  
    Hulton, ME


“The Hypnotherapy Academy of America, I believe, is the most comprehensive, quality hypnotherapy school in the country.  Most impressive is the integrity that Tim and Angela strive to and do maintain. The field of hypnotherapy needs pioneers like Tim, Angela, and Dr. Robert to lead the way, and they are. Personally, I feel ready to leave and begin my professional practice.  Only good can come from the practice of hypnotherapy with responsibility.

“I came in with a mind full of hopeless thoughts and am leaving with an empty mind…(well, kind of).  Still, it’s a new perspective, a new path, and a way to make a difference. Great!

“Many blessings to everyone at the Academy… You’ve touched my life and heart.

“I recommend the Academy to everyone! I personally requested of 3 researchers to find everything and anything that might be wrong or inappropriate about the academy.  Congratulations… you are squeaky clean. Very rare!”

~ Jamieson Romanelli, CMS-CHt, FIBH  
   E Longmeadow, MA


“My experience at the H.A.A. was life changing.”

“I was unprepared for the sheer goodness of intent that permeated the program. I do not believe that a better program can be found anywhere. I will leave here feeling confident and empowered to help others heal through hypnotherapy. The instruction and coaching were excellent. The live classroom demos and numerous practical, hands-on practice sessions were invaluable in building confidence in my ability to help others heal through hypnotherapy. I do not see how this could be accomplished in an online learning environment. You will not be disappointed in this program!”

~ Jill Steele, CMS-CHt, FIBH 
  Gunnison, CO


“No matter who you are or what your goals or interests are, this is an essential education for human beings.”

“This course has prepared me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to begin helping myself and others with hypnotherapy.  The combination of training and modalities combined with knowable and gifted teachers and coaches provided a solid foundation for continued learning and application.

“This experience has been the vehicle for transiting life stages and opening possibilities for new ways to be of service to others.  The experience has service has been transforming in ways o get to be manifest.  My place is the whole is clearer and connected.

“No matter who you are or what your goals or interests, this is an essential education for human beings.

~ Judith Paiz, CMS-CHt, FIBH
   Santa Fe, NM


Testimonials from masters in Education and high school professors 

Dear Department of Education Administration,

I am compelled to write a letter to you to express my admiration for Tim Simmerman-Sierra, and the programs he has developed at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in Santa Fe.

As a veteran teacher and educational consultant, I am personally and professionally impressed on a daily basis as I witness the care, personal attention, compassion, and assistance provided to each and every student in the program.  The Academy’s curriculum has been developed with meticulous care and is delivered with instructional techniques, skill, and relevance that exceed the highest educational standards. Tim and his staff are master educators; clearly, their goal is to encourage all students to enhance their knowledge, personal growth, and success.

The level to which Tim has trained each staff member is reflected in their daily preparedness and the skill with which they carry out teaching tasks, coaching, and support. Staff is always present during presentation, lecture, and demonstration, and carefully coach students through ensuing practice. Classroom management and guidelines promote a well-organized and welcoming learning atmosphere

I cannot say enough about the quality of training we are receiving at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America. Tim Simmerman-Sierra and his staff consistently demonstrate a spirit of rapport, integrity, dedication, and professionalism to a degree that I have seldom enjoyed in any other graduate school.

Most sincerely,

~ Joanna Calderwood, M.Ed
Oceanside High School, 
Rockland, Maine


“I am a 2008 graduate of the Hypnotherapy Academy of America (HAA) Clinical Hypnotherapy training program, a member of the International Board of Hypnotherapy, and a Texas High School Science teacher.

“The training that I received at the Academy not only changed my life but the lives of many of my high school students.  I teach at Lockhart High School, a public high school in Texas which serves a rural population consisting of approximately 63% low socioeconomic population as well as a 58% Hispanic population. My students include about 5% foster children and approximately 68% at-risk students who are in danger of dropping out before graduation. I knew early on, that many of my students suffered from low self-esteem, test anxiety, a paralyzing fear of failure or even a greater fear of success.  Armed with the outstanding training I received at the academy and empowered with the necessary confidence that I could make a difference “one mind at a time”, I started working with my most severely affected students.

“During the first year, with the permission of my administrators, the students’ parents or guardians, and the students themselves, I utilized the hypnotherapy techniques learned at the academy with remarkable results.  The students I served had failed the exit standardized test necessary for graduation a total of four times each and were in danger of not graduating.  The 38 students were hypnotized as a group and guided through a visualization which began by establishing up their sacred space where they are safe and relaxed, and end seeing themselves dressed up with cap and gown receiving their diploma on graduation day.

“To my delight and 85% of the students passed the standardized tests and reported to my administrator that it was the hypnosis/relaxation visualization that had made the difference. Each year has demonstrated even greater success as I identify the needy students earlier in the year and begin working with them immediately, resulting in a 100% graduation rate in 2012.  I have been utilizing the techniques making changes and adaptations under the ever present guidance provided by the staff of the Academy.

“Graduates of the academy have a major advantage in applying the techniques learned during their training which is a constant pipeline of support, information, and training provided by Robert Sapien, M.D., Tim Simmerman-Sierra, and the entire HAA staff.  Because of this support and caring guidance, I have been able to work with a variety of problems that presented in my students.  These included a student diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer who after combining hypnotherapy with chemotherapy is now cancer free after 5 years; students who were the first generation of their family to graduate from high school, and this year two students who received a commission to West Point Academy after utilizing hypnosis to improve their self-esteem and confidence. One student even voiced that he knew he would be successful at West Point because he now knew how to use self-hypnosis techniques to achieve his goals.

“The community has joined in self-hypnosis classes after being encouraged by their children (my students) and we have worked to address post traumatic stress syndrome in soldiers returning to Lockhart from Afghanistan and Iraq.

“I fully support the work of the Hypnotherapy Academy of America because I can truly say that I have witnessed the impact that their training has had on my students and my community.

“The development of the Nonprofit Organization “THE GLOBAL HYPNOTHERAPY ADVANCEMENT FOUNDATION” (GHAF) with the goal of advocating the incorporation of hypnotherapy in education, care in hospitals and cost reduction, reintegration of healthy soldiers to society, and medical research in complementary medical techniques would only improve the quality of life here in the United States.   Hypnotherapy Academy of America (HAA) is a business that is founded on integrity, education, and quality.  I know that the “GHAF” overseen by the Academy, would be administered with the same integrity, quality, and guided support and that would it a win-win situation for all.

~ Marianne P. Garcia, CMS-CHt-FIBH  
   Lockhart, TX