Tuition Options and Experiential Education Format

Experiential Education for Hypnotherapy Certification

Leading Edge Educational Expertise

Our educational model, developed by a Master’s level educational designer, optimizes learning of the underlying principles and technical skills of hypnotherapy, while promoting the development of flexible strategies that allow for the creative and intuitive application of our methods. We have organized every lecture, discussion topic, classroom activity and practical skills development period to provide you with what many agree to be the most comprehensive course in professional hypnotherapy today.

Unique & Comprehensive Hypnosis Training

Emphasis on practical skills development is one way Tim Simmerman Sierra, our lead instructor, made this course different from the others. After having his own successful hypnotherapy practice, he understood how hypnotherapy practitioners must apply their knowledge through hands-on skills. Beginning in 1989, he had to attend three different schools before he felt he had a complete education. Since you are reading this, you have probably been doing your research on the internet, and see the huge disparity of quality in hypnotherapy schools, too. This is why he developed Integral Hypnotherapy™ and the comprehensive, in-depth professional training that we offer now.

We teach from the “experiential education model.” Our 500-hour curriculum was crafted to provide you with ample supervised hands-on practice with our coaching staff. This way you develop the skills competency necessary to really help people. Our course is double or triple the hours of other courses. More hours means more time for your critical skills development during supervised practice, which simply isn’t possible in courses with fewer hours. Graduates continue to tell us just how valuable this hands-on aspect of our course has been for them in both their personal life and their professional practice.

Hypnotherapy methodology has two major branches: Suggestion therapy and analytical hypnotherapy. All styles and schools of hypnotherapy, (i.e., Ericksonian, Alchemical, Transpersonal, etc.) break down to be a form of one or a combination of both.

Suggestion therapy is basically saturating the mind with the right thinking and imagery to bring about new positive behavior (i.e., smoking cessation, better sports performance, etc.)

Analytical techniques are for processing and healing the underlying subconscious cause of the problem situation.

Just relying on intellectual understanding of techniques applied to both branches is insufficient. We always have students in class who have been to other trainings, and they tell us that the hands-on, supervised practice is what was missing from those other trainings.

This training is packed with life transforming techniques! You learn flexible formulas to help you assess your client’s needs, so you can make the most appropriate, effective therapeutic choices. You also learn interview and assessment strategies, dozens of hypnosis induction techniques (for all personalities and ages), and how to apply hypnotherapy to the endless array of issues that clients present.

You receive in-depth instruction in the most important methodologies, learn from live demonstrations of techniques and have plenty of time for supervised “hands-on” practice of what you just learned.

The Academy program was specifically designed to give you real practice situations, so you can go through a technique step-by-step, in a clinical setting, with the supervision of a practical skills coach.

Just as immersion is the best way to learn a language, immersion in your hypnotherapy training is the best way to assimilate both the practical skills and a new way of being in the world. Both right and left brain learning assures that when you graduate you will be prepared to meet the needs of your clients.

The 500-hour course is divided into five 2-week modules. You can attend one module at a time, or immerse yourself by attending the entire 10-week program all at once.

State of the Art Training Materials

Our 1000-page training manual was designed using the proven Information MappingTM methodology. It features comprehensive and easy-to-use content and clear objectives with frequent knowledge and skill self-assessments to ensure optimal learning. Our training materials, used in conjunction with the rest of our teaching methods, help you acquire the in-depth knowledge base and the technical competence needed in this new era of hypnotherapy’s acceptance by the mainstream.