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About Healing With Our Integral Hypnotherapy Techniques


Immersion is Necessary for Learning Hypnotherapy


Using Hypnotherapy to Heal Gastroesophagial Reflux Disease (GERD) Pain


Knee Pain Healing with Hypnotherapy


Real Time Online Teaching Format, Allowed me to Take the HAA’s Training


This HAA Training is Much More than Vocational Training



I Am Honored to Learn from you Tim Simmerman-Sierra



Hypnotherapy to Heal Lymphedema after Cancer surgery



How HAA Prepares You For Private Practice


Learn How Our Techniques Help With Emotional Healing Like Grief


Hypnotherapy Changed My Scientific Mind While Healing Cancer


Why did I Choose This Course After Comparing Schools


I Choose To Be Healthy, Happy and Prosperous


Difference Between Hypnotherapy and other Traditional Modalities


How My Life Got Transformed In All Aspects By Taking This Course


I Took A Previous Course Before Attending The Academy’s Training


Thank You For the Easier Transition Into a New Career


Second to None! Ongoing Support After Graduation Through IBH


I am Elated, Prepared and Confident Finishing My Training at HAA


Student’s Practice Supervised by Professional Coaches!


Wise Investment in Money, Energy and Time


Tim Simmerman-Sierra is a Treasure to All of His Students


I Found My Life’s Purpose!


Mary Webb-Tafoya  There is not another place like the Academy


Mary Webb-Tafoya Difference Between Hypnotherapy and other Traditional Modalities


Mary Webb-Tafoya  400 hour Hypnotherapy Course vs 100 or 200 hour trainings


Alicia Cortez Do it Right the First Time!


Hypnosis Training at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America