What You Need to Know About Online Training in Hypnotherapy

Why Live Training is Crucial

One of the major reasons people choose the Hypnotherapy Academy of America is our Accelerated Live Remote Format.

Our learning model is live experiential education. During our live remote trianing, we provide you with supervised practice during class with a teacher-to-student ratio of 1 to 5. Because with us you will be learning deep transformative techniques to process and heal underlying subconscious and emotional issues, you must have a professional clinical supervisor assisting you during class practice. 

New learners deserve the individual attention we provide in our skill building activities during our live training. 

We have been told by many of our students that they previously attended online trainings they found on the internet and social media sites. Those conventional online trainings made bold claims, but afterwards the students lacked confidence and had great difficulty building a practice or earning an income.

To support launching a practice quickly after graduation, we provide you with proven success strategies to launch and market your hypnotherapy practice early in the program. This way you could have clients scheduled immediately upon graduation. 

Our State-licensed career training includes live demonstrations and advanced case histories of both individual and group hypnosis processes, supervised practice of a wide variety of hypnotherapy methods to process and heal  underlying subconscious and emotional issues, immediate performance-based feedback, live question and answer periods,

By day 3 of the first week you will be running a hypnosis session and by day 4 you will be teaching self-hypnosis (all the while with supervised practice so you can ask questions as you run the hypnosis sessions), and so on all the way to more advanced techniques like those we provided for the National Institutes of Health funded study that resulted in our methodology being referred to by scientific independent peer review as a “superior” therapy. (https://hypnotherapyacademy.com/learn-evidence-based-methods/ )


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