What You Need to Know About Online Training in Hypnotherapy

About Our Style of Online Classes in Hypnotherapy

April 2020

As people like you call into the Academy from around the world, wanting certification training in Clinical, Spiritual and especially Medical Hypnotherapy, we hear your desire to be of service and your frustration with the situation at hand. 

For a limited time, we will be providing our hypnotherapy training via an interactive, live streaming of the classroom course. This way, you can attend the certification program from the comfort of your own home and still enjoy live instruction, opportunities for in-the-moment Q & A with your hypnotherapy instructors, and have supervised practice sessions and other skill building activities. 

While COVID-19 makes this additional training format necessary, what we are offering is NOT hundreds of hours of staring at canned video downloads or DVDs. 

We know what NOT to do 

Every semester, new students who previously tried those types of “online” trainings let us know what the deficiencies were. Here are just a few that learners have mentioned; canned video style lacks aliveness, I could not get my spontaneous questions answered, and I didn’t receive regular feedback or much in the way of skill building activities. 

What we ARE doing

By order of the Governor, we needed to complete the Winter 2020 certification course with our internet based, live streaming instruction. While, initially, this was a disappointment to us and the current students, it turned out that our live simultaneous broadcast of the classroom instruction was a big hit! We contracted with the local TEDx talk streaming crew to make the internet-based training a top-notch interactive experience.

We continue making every effort to create a way for you to maintain physical distancing and still obtain vocational training in our scientifically validated, comprehensive and in-depth Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapy. 

For application or further information, please contact us:
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